SRX Token Swap
The below "SWAP Process" is completely FREE as you won't actually be making any transfers. Our new SWAP Page will only "connect" to your "Ethereum Wallet" to "look inside it and see" how many SRX tokens you have.

 Because you are not actually sending anything, you will notice that your SRX Tokens will stay inside your Ethereum Wallet - that's okay since very soon we will be changing our SRX Tokens to SUPER Tokens (SRX tokens won't be worth anything).
The below steps may vary slightly, depending on the type of device that you have.
Step 1:
Go to
and click on the
"CONNECT" button
Step 2:
Choose the wallet your SRX Tokens are stored in.
Depending on the type of device you have, you may be presented with several options OR another "CONNECT" button
(click on it).

You MUST keep this page open as you will have to come back to it in a moment (the screen will auto-refresh and it will look like in Step 5)
Step 3:
You will then be redirected to the wallet you've selected.
(If you don't, open it up yourself)
Click on the "CONNECT" button to link your Ethereum Wallet with the Swap Page.
Step 4:
Go back to your mobile browser
(you will NOT be redirected)
The page that was previously showing a list of wallets
(or the blue "connect" button) will refresh and you will be asked to provide your referral link (Step 5).
Step 5:
Your Ethereum Wallet is now connected to the swap page.
To continue, enter your SuperOne Referral Link and click on the "SIGN" button.
You will be redirected back to your
Ethereum Wallet.

If you are not seeing the "My Available Balance" page, click on your ETH address in the top right corner to disconnect, then repeat the entire process.
Step 6:
Click on the "OK" button.
You will see your referral link just below the
"Signature Request"
You have now completed the Token Swap Process.
Your tokens should be already back inside your "Portfolio" section of the back-office.

If the above process didn't work for you, reach out to our technical support at:

Together with your message be sure to include your referral link, your Ethereum Wallet Address as well as a screenshot of the error message you are getting.
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